Sunday, May 9, 2010

Funny pictues

These are just some cute, but kinda funny pictures that I want to remember of Pyper and Brooke. Kids are just so much fun, and I love how you can always tell what they are up too by the look on their faces.

Pyper scaling the shelves looking for a snack. Of course she couldn't just ask. Maybe she thinks their might be a chance the answer will be no. I think she is going for the pink bowl on the top shelf. It contains the mini candy bars for school lunches. She is such a monkey!

Brooke just cracks me up. This is her latest thing. Whenever she gets her picture taken. She puts on a smile and holds it for the entire length of the photo shoot. This causes a total blank, deer in the headlights look in the eyes. It is so funny! We have to say. "Brooke stop smiling, now smile, now stop, now smile again. She is so great, this picture was taken at her dance recital. Ethan and Riley danced also. More pictures will be coming.

This is Pyper showing us her dance trick. Pretty awesome huh!

Just such a cute kid. I love the sparkle in her eyes.

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