Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Dad

This has been a tough week for my family. My father has undergone surgery to remove a brain tumor, and has been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. I was able to be there with two of my brothers and mom when he came out of surgery, and have been able to spend the week with my family as we have found our more from the doctors. Although the prospect of losing my dad scares and saddens me I am amazed at the peace and comfort I have felt this week. I have had some special tender moments with my Dad in the hospital, and at home with all my siblings as he has been recovering. The lords spirit has truely been with us, and I know that whatever happens we will be ok. The brain tumor has affected my fathers speech, and he has a hard time communicating his feelings. He speaks in simple terms, and I am reminded of the scripture that tells us that we should be as a little child. He has truely become humble, and speaks to us the simple truths of the gospel. He says to me things like, "I love the scriptures, God has a plan for us, and I'm grateful for my family." He has truely bouyed us up, and helped us keep the prospective that this life is but a short time, and we will be together again. I love my family. I am grateful for them. I am grateful for my extended family, and for the love they have shown me at this time. I have realized this week that it is so important for us to let those that we love know we love them. Life is never predictable. I am grateful that I still have time with my Dad. Time to tell him again that I love him. Time for him to be with my kids, and teach them some of the things he taught me. I have truely been born of goodly parents. I am grateful for the lessons that life teaches, even the hard ones. My Dad is right, there is a plan for us.

This picture was taken in January at Disneyland. It brings back good memories!

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  1. Thanks Amy, we are missing you here, but I am sure your kids are glad to see you.
    Love You