Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nanas Cabin

We helped move Nana from St. George to her cabin in Alpine Arizona for the summer. Bret, RaNae, and their kids came with us. We had such a great time playing with cousins, riding the 4-wheelers, and working just a little. Here are some highlights from our trip.

RaNae and I found these tracks in the forest on our morning walk. We thought they might be bear tracks. When we got home we looked them up on the Internet. Sure enough they were! Needless to say we didn't walk in the forest again. They were very big prints, and the neighbors told us that there was a momma and baby living in the area.

The kids had such a great time on the four wheelers Pyper got so she didn't need to follow Aaron any more. She just went around and around the track the kids have made all by herself. She thinks she is pretty hot stuff!

Ethan had lots of fun shooting his BB gun. When we told him about the bear tracks he said, "Good thing I have my BB gun." Luckily he didn't need it for the bear. He got pretty good at hitting a coke can though.

Brooke, Shae, Pyper, and Madi had lots of fun on the swing.

Kinzie and Riley had such a great time together. It is so fun to have a cousin that is so close in age.

Ethan all ready for church. What a handsome dude!

Beautiful girls! Shae, Pyper Kinzie, Brooke, Madi, and Riley.

Aaron got a new bike helmet for fathers day. He has been borrowing my dads bike the last little while, and I think he is hooked on biking. At least he will have a safe noggin now!

Brooke giving us all the thumbs up.

I think Aaron looks like a stud in this picture. What a good looking guy my man is!

Madi, Brooke, and Ethan at the fire. Ethan was the master marshmallow roaster. He could make the most perfect golden brown mallows. They were really yummy!

I love these night pictures. We had such a great time around the fire.

Ethan was a big help chopping wood. I was quite impressed with the way he could swing the ax.

The kids wanted to go on a family ride. We got all 14 of us either on a bike or in the little trailer. It definitely wasn't the most comfortable ride but we had a really fun time. I just love being with family. I am really lucky to have great in laws as well as my own awesome family.
We really had a wonderful trip. Thanks Nana for having us all!


  1. I'm glad you had such a good time. It's always good to be around family. Your children will always remember and cherish these times.

  2. It looks like everyone had such a great time!! I can't believe how big all your kids are. I really like Riley's bangs too.