Friday, January 21, 2011


Christmas Eve! Jingles the elf definitely found us and brought everyone new PJ's. We had our traditional Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner. Watched the Forgotten Carols, and Luke II. Then went to bed. All the kids slept in one room. They went to sleep surprisingly fast.

Christmas Morning! About 5:30 am. Everyone is so excited! (Mom is looking a little bleary eyed still) It took forever for Dad to turn on the tree lights, and get our Christmas breakfast out of the fridge to raise. Then we all ran into the front room to make sure Santa had come.
He had! Brooke finding great stuff in her stocking.

Shae got an American Girl Doll from Santa.

So did Pyper and Brooke!

Ethan got a PSP. All of his dreams have now come true!

Brooke with her new American Girl Doll, Lanie.

Mom got a cute outfit for her AG doll.

I must say that it was kind of an American girl Christmas for the girls in our family. We all got outfits for our dolls and Riley got a bed set for the doll she got last Christmas. We girls had a lot of fun dressing and playing with our Dolls later in the day.

Riley opening yet another AG girl box.

This is where Ethan was most the day.

All the kids got Zuzu pets and tracks. We had a great time setting up our hamster village.
All in all we had a great Christmas. It is so fun to play with and spend time with our great kids. I love love my family so much!

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