Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Tenth Birthday Ethan!

On April 5th 2001 Ethan made his entrance into the world. I remember it so well. What a crazy time. Shae had pneumonia and Aaron and I had spent the last two nights sleeping propped up on the couch with her laying on our chest. She was so sick and we were pretty tired. Then on April 4th our doctor called and said that I needed to be induced. We called Grandma Pete and she flew out right away to take care of Riley and sick little Shae. Thank heavens Grandma was able to come because the drama was just beginning. Aaron and I went into the hospital that evening, and they started Pitosin the next morning. Ethan was born later that afternoon. Quickly after he came out it was apparent that he was not breathing. The cord had been wrapped around his neck several times, and he had tied a true knot in his cord. What an scary experience that was. After several minutes of the nurse and my doctor trying to get him to breath the NICU nurses were called. Lots of people were suddenly in our room. Finally they got him breathing, but it was very labored. They took Ethan and Aaron directly to the NICU. He started out on oxygen but by the evening they had intubated him. It was such an effort for our little guy to breath, and he couldn't manage on his own. The doctors started him on antibiotics, but really didn't know what was wrong. Aaron and our Bishop gave Ethan a priesthood blessing. On Sunday our families and ward fasted for him. Finally after five days, the respiratory therapist decided to try treating Ethan like a preemie. She gave him a medicine called Surfactant. By evening time Ethan was able to be extubated, and by the next day totally off oxygen. What an answer to prayers. After eight days we were able to bring Ethan home. Luckily Ethan hasn't given us much trouble since. I really can't believe he is now ten years old. Ethan is all boy, which is really saying something since he is surrounded by four sisters. He is such a fun part of our family. Ethan had a good day on his birthday. We started off the morning early by opening presents before school. Ethan got a new game for his PSP. And his favorite gift was the Lego Harry Potter castle.
Ethan started assembling right away!
That night we had mint chip cupcakes. A new recipe. And I must say a very good one!
Blowing out the candles.

Ethan also got a new pocket knife for his birthday. Two days later he totally sliced his finger while opening a bag of Lego's. He had to get four stitches!
Ethan finished the castle in four days. It is totally awesome. Now Ethan says he wants to be a Lego designer when he grows up. I think he would probably be pretty good.
Ethan took lots of pictures of the individual sections. This is the dinning hall.
This is Dumbledoors office. Can you see the sorting hat?
Ethan had a great tenth birthday. We sure love you buddy, and are so glad you are part of our family.


  1. Happy birthday to Ethan!! I remember he was born, we were all so worried and were so glad when he got better. Good job on the castle it looks awesome!!! I think we'll have to get one of those one of these days.

  2. Great post! It's fun to re-live those memories. I'll bet Riley and Ethan enjoyed reading about their births too! Love ya

  3. I love hearing their birth stories. Especially Ethan's those were some scary days. I'm so grateful for the power of prayer. Cooper said, "awesome" to Ethan's stitches (I'm sure someday he to will be sporting stitches). And Noah loves his Lego castle, he's a little jealous!