Friday, September 30, 2011

The Flying Pyper

When we went to Duck Creek this year to sell our tie dye each kid was given 5 tickets to spend on the rides.  Pyper decided she would spend all five of her tickets on the bungee tramp.  She was so awesome!  She did flips and everything.  The guy that is hooking her up was so great to really get her flying high.  She had  a blast.  I have to say Aaron and I were pretty impressed.

 Taking her first bounces.
 It was so fun to watch her but we all found ourselves bobbing our heads in time to her jumps.  It was pretty funny.
After Pyper would flip she sometimes couldn't touch the tramp to jump.  She didn't weigh enough and would just be hanging there.  The guy would grab her leg and send her flying high again.  If you click on this next pic you can see he has just sent her up again.  He was a really nice guy and let her jump for a long time.  There were a lot of people watching her besides us.
 Mid flip.
 All Done!  What a great ride!

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