Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Month Later, Poor Ethan!

Almost exactly one month after Pyper got stitches, Ethan cracks his head open at school!  Same exact spot as Pyper, just going a different direction.  This must be is a bad spot for the kids in our family.  Ethan was being chased by a girl at school, he grabbed a pole and swung around it .  The girl went the other way and they collided.  His head, her teeth.  It resulted in five stitches, and an antibiotic for a week because teeth apparently are very dirty.  That ought to teach him to stay away from the girls, right!   


  1. Poor guy. He seems to have taken it much better than Pyper. Maybe it will leave a cool scar, Tommy thinks it's very important for all guys to have a few cool scars :)