Monday, December 12, 2011

A post for Grandma

We are all decorated for Christmas!  It really is quite a task, because we pretty much take down all our regular decorations, and replace them with Christmas.  Even though it is quite a job, I really enjoy it because quite a lot of my decorations are hand me downs from my Mom, my Grandma, or my Aunt.  And when I put them up I think of them.  The last time I saw my Grandma, she reminded me that she hasn't seen my house since we busted out the wall between my kitchen and living room.  So I decided to take some pictures to show her my room, and my Christmas decorations.  

This is my shelf in the living room.  The cute snowman is a hand me down from Aunt Amy.  I'm pretty sure I got the two Santa's on the ends from her also.  The Santa in the middle is from my Mom and came from Russia.  The red plate was hers also.
 This is my most prized nativity set.  I love the willow tree figurines.  This nativity sits on my piano in the front room.  The cute little bear wreath is a very old hand me down from Aunt Amy.  I'm pretty sure she tole (spelling?) painted it a long time ago.  I'm not sure why I ended up with it, but I'm sure glad I did.  Its been glued several time.  But I think its really cute.
 This is my front room also.  There are tons of hand me downs on these shelves, plus a few of my own making.  There are also lots of little nativity sets on these shelves.  I just love collecting nativities.  Riley counted 14 sets this year.  
 This is one of my favorite nativities.  My Mom gave me this set when I was quite young.  I think junior high or thereabouts.  She first gave me the holy family and then added to it each year.  My kids are not allowed near this one, because they are not available to buy any more.  But they love to look at the tiny pieces.  This is probably their favorite.
 Grandma do you recognize the tree skirt?  This is the tree in my living room.  This tree has all homemade ornaments on it.  Most of them made by you!  My kids look forward every year for their ornament from you and Grandpa.
 This is my most fun nativity set.  Fisher Price.  There are two little chairs in front of  this table because someone is always playing with, and rearranging it.  Lots of time its me!  Notice the table topper Grandma.  Its one you made.
 This is the little tree in Ethan's room.
 This is the tree in the girls room.
 These next two pictures are taken from the garage door.  There used to be a wall dividing the room.  Taking it out opened up so much space.  We also put in a wood floor. 
 Looking into the kitchen.  I wish I would have cleaned off my counter.  But in reality that's how it usually looks.  Notice my table Grandma.  I love the quilt!  Thanks again!
 Our Christmas socks. 
Well there you have it.  Thanks, Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Amy for helping to make our house so festive! 
Merry Christmas!


  1. I love all your cute decorations. I'm with you, I love all the memories that come with the decorations! So much better than just buying them at the store.

  2. You have made a lot of decorations yourself