Sunday, May 6, 2012

A few self portraits

We switched things around a little bit at our house.  Ethan has moved into the front room, Brooke and Pyper share a room, and also Shae and Riley.  It has worked out great!  Brooke and Pyper have become quite the partners in everything.  They are so funny.  One night while they were taking a bath I could hear them laughing hysterically.  Shae came to tell me that they were soaping their bums up then sliding down the back of the tub.  They were having a blast and there was water everywhere!  They are constantly up to something.  They also like to take pictures and videos of themselves.  My camera and phone are full of them.  Here are a few choice ones.

 This is Pyper entertaining herself at Walmart.

 This is my favorite!  What a goof!

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