Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ethan turns eleven!

This year Ethan wanted a new bike for his birthday.  But not just any bike, it had to be a Haro bike.  He spent weeks researching on the Internet just what he wanted.  Then he began bargaining with Mom and Dad.  In the end a deal was made, and he and Aaron went down to the bike shop to purchase the bike.  He was pretty excited and has really enjoyed riding and trying to do tricks on it.  He and our neighbor Garret have spent many an hour this summer down at the jumps near our house.     

We had to get a good lock to protect the Haro.  :)

A new Aero shirt.  Green to match his bike.

Water sticks from Grandma and Grandpa Pete.

All decked out and ready to ride!

Happy Birthday Bud!  We sure love you.

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