Friday, October 26, 2012

Riley's trip to Virginia

Riley went out to Virginia this summer to help her Aunt Emily with her four small kids.  She had such a fun time!  Emily showed her so many of the awesome sites that are available in Washington DC.  These are some of the pictures she took while there.

In front of the Lincoln Monument

At the Korean Memorial

The wall at the Korean Monument

The new Martian Luther King Monument with Isaac

The World War II Monument with Miles

In front of the White House

They visited Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.  

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum with a Hissing Cockroach

With a handsome Sailor!

Discovery Space Shuttle at the Aaron Space Museum

Iwojima  Monument.

Riley wanted to visit Georgetown Cupcake's because she had seen it on TV.  Too bad it was closed , no cupcake this time.
Riley had such a awesome time with the Sanderson's.  She is all ready itching  to go again. Thanks Emily and Matt for showing her such a good time!

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