Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you ever too old to play with dolls?

I love dolls. I always have, and I love that my girls love them too. This is our collection of American Girl dolls. I received a surprise a few weeks ago when an American Girl doll showed up in the mail addressed to me! Now, I don't have to beg my girls to let me dress and do there dolls hair anymore. I know its pathetic, but we have all been having fun, and just had to take some pictures. Here they are!

Ethan asked me to take this picture, put it on the blog, and title it "The Mystery Man." I think maybe he was feeling a little left out with all the doll pictures. ;) He cracks me up!


  1. That is a lot of dolls. You look good too Ethan!

  2. I don't think females ever tire of dolls! Love your blog!

  3. I need to get a doll and come play with you guys!