Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bobcat Chorus

Shae and Ethan participated in the Bobcat Chorus at school this year. They both had a lot of fun. They were able to perform several times throughout the year. Their last concert was a few weeks back. The end of year concert is my favorite because they sing a lot of patriotic songs. I always get teary eyed when I hear songs about our country. The choir did a medley of all the military songs and we all stood up to represent Dave when they sang the army's theme song. It was really fun and a great concert!
Super cool Ethan before the concert started.

Shae waving her flag hat at the end of one of the songs.

Most of the songs had fun actions to go with them.

Shae did awesome with the actions to the songs too!

Shae and Ethan with their choir director, Mrs. Tolman. She is also Shae's third grade teacher.

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  1. Love those St George Randalls-You are doing such a great job with your blog Amy! love ya, mom