Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zions Narrows

This last weekend Aaron, Riley and I, along with members from both sides of our family hiked the Zions Narrows. We had such a great time. This is my most favorite hike in the world. I think because it is so challenging, and beautiful. Zions is one of the most amazing, and spectacular places and the Narrows are no exception. Here are some of our highlights. I wish pictures could do better justice to how beautiful it really is.

The group just starting out.
Back row; Jason Tyler Tommy, Aaron, Troy, Shelby.
Middle Row; Lynette, Abby Kris, Amy.
Front row; Riley, and Cassidy.

Adjusting our packs. It was a good thing Tommy and Kris came. I think they helped adjust every ones pack at one time or another.

Aaron and I just starting into the river. This is the third time we have hiked the narrows. We never get tired of it.

Riley dedicated this hike to her Grandpa Pete. My dad was supposed to do this hike with us, but couldn't because of his Radiation and Keemo. We really missed him.

My parents stayed home with the rest of the kids so Aaron and I could both do this hike with Riley. I am so glad that we could do this together. It was so awesome!. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Riley laughing at something when we stopped for lunch.

Riley and I at the top of the falls. This is still the first day.

We had fun playing at the bottom of the falls. the water was very fast and strong.

This is the beginning of the second day. Aaron and I are in front of Big Springs. This is one of the most beautiful spots. I wish the picture showed it better.

Heading into deeper water. A lot of the second day we were in deeper water. It was really fun, but kinda cold until the sun got down into the canyon.

This is where we stopped for lunch on the second day. Aaron and some of the others had fun scaling this wall then running and jumping into the deep water. I had fun taking pictures, and gasping when it looked like they were not going to make it past the wall. We had a few close calls, but no injuries.

Belly Flop!
Riley floating on her pack. The water was higher than usual this year. There were quite a few spots where we had to swim.

Riley and I a few hours from the end. We are standing in front of a waterfall. This is where people repel in from Mystery canyon. I think we want to that hike next year.
Hiking the Narrows was so much fun, but its a tough hike. I was really proud of Riley. She did great! I can certainly see why there is a age limit of 12. I'm not sure a younger kid could do it. I'm glad Aaron and I were able to experience this with her. She was a real trooper!


  1. Beautiful pictures! We are proud of Riley too-way to go kiddo!! Love G. and G. Pete.

  2. How fun I am jealous. Way to go Riley!!!

  3. HOW FUN! I can't believe Riley didn't get corn rows for this trip! :)