Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Day of School!

The four oldest kids were all excited to start school this year. They all looked so cute decked out in their new duds. I remember being so excited about school cloths. The girls had the whole weeks outfits planned and hanging from their bunk bed. Ethan didn't go quite that far, but still looked pretty stellar the whole week. All the kids have great teachers and I feel it is going to be a great year for us all!

Riley, 7th grade. Isn't she cute? Check out the makeup! Riley leaves for the bus at five to seven. It definitely makes for a early morning!

Brooke, 2nd grade. She looked so fashionable in her cute scarf. I think purple is a good color for her!

Shae, 4th grade. Always pretty in pink! Shae was really excited to get back to school.

Ethan, 4th grade. Ethan looked awesome on the first day with his crisp white shirt and spiky dew. He's the man!

Group shot. Pyper and Mom are going to have a lot of time together this year. We hope to learn some ABC's and a few other things while the kids are in school. We also will be working on the playground again. So that should help keep us busy.


  1. Great post Amy. I remember how excited I was to go back to school each year. You have great kids.

  2. What cute kiddos!! I can't believe how big they all are. I am getting excited to see them all.