Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthaday Brooke!

July 17, 2003 was a very good day! That's the day Brooke joined our family. Brooke has had to celebrate her birthday in the mountains at Duck Creek the last three years. She is such a good sport about it. Really how bad can it be to get to go camping for you birthday every year? We took up cup cakes and had a little party around the fire. The next week we had a friends party. Brooke took her friends swimming at the rec center then came home for pizza and ice cream floats. They had a great time. I wish I could show you pictures from the party but I've lost my camera. Hopefully it will show up soon! But here are some fun pics from the Duck Creek party.

Mom forgot candles so Brooke blew out the lighter!

Opening Presents!

Brooke has been asking for this microphone all year. Finally she has it!
Unwrapping a new scooter! (Notice the Christmas wrap on the inside!)
Happy Birthday sweetie! We are sure glad you are part of our family!

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