Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meet Mandy

Meet Mandy. The newest addition to our family. We have completely fallen in love with her. She is a eight week old Yellow Lab/Australian Shepard mix. About a month ago we had to get rid of our dog Maverick. Aaron and I promised the kids that we would get another dog. Riley has been looking on the Internet and found Mandy at a shelter in Cedar City. We went to look at her and adopted her on Saturday. I think she will be a really fun dog.

Mia and Mandy. Look at the size difference. We hope the puppy doesn't get as big as Mia.

Mandy is the perfect size for Pyper to pack around. She is in heaven! Lets hope Mandy can survive all the love!

Brooke is really enjoying her as well. Mandy is better than any baby doll!

We wore her out! One minute she was running around, the next sound asleep in the grass.

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  1. Oh what a cute puppy!!! Miles and I are looking and he thinks he needs a dog too.