Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few of my new favorite things!

These are some of my new favorite things. A lady in my ward showed me how to make these darling booties. I think they are so cute I just can't resist them. They are made of soft wool, perfect for little newborn feet. Its pretty silly of me to be making these since I don't even know anyone right now who has a baby. Am I baby hungry? NO! not for my own but I am anxiously waiting for my sister in law to have her baby, and I have some cousins that are expecting but I will have to be patient. Meanwhile they are really fun to make.

This is something else I've been doing lately instead of cleaning my house. Washer necklaces. They are so much fun! They are washers covered in scrapbook paper, then covered in diamond glaze. You just string them on a piece of cord and Wala! You have a super cute necklace! As you can see I've gone hog wild. I think they are so fun. I'm going to have my girls give them to their friends for Christmas gifts.


  1. You are so creative... I love the necklace idea :)Is that the same way you put the scrapbook paper on the wood frames that you gave to your mom? If so I would like to learn how to make both! :)

  2. Amy you need to teach me how to make those necklaces, I love them! We need a girls weekend :)

  3. They are both so cute!! I agree with Kris, a girls weekend would be so fun!!