Sunday, September 19, 2010


My Moms dentist office puts on a triathlon every year. All the money earned goes to a charity called share a smile. This year Aaron, Brooke and Ethan decided to participate, along with my Brother Tommy, Sister Emily and nephew Noah. It was so much fun to cheer these guys on. I was so proud of them! We made special shirts for the racers. They say "This ones for Juan". They are in honor of my Dad who has participated in this race the last several years. He can't this year because of his battle with brain cancer. My Dads name is not Juan, its Paul. Juan is a nick name given to him by my Brother. I'm not sure how it started, but if stuck. This was such a great weekend. This is definitely going to a tradition for the Randall family.

This is the start of the race. Brooke is in the yellow life jacket, Noah is in the Blue and Ethan is further up. He is hard to see.

Brooke and Noah finishing the swim.

Quick change from the swim to the Bike.

Ethan getting help from Aaron with his shoe. Aaron is getting ready to start his swim.

Start of the bike portion of the race.

Ethan finishing up the bike.

Brooke starting the run.

Ethan finishing the run.

The three kids at the end. All champions!

Tommy starting the bike race.

Aaron, starting his second lap of the bike.

Emily finishing the bike portion.

Aaron running. I was so proud of all these guys. I cant wait to cheer them on again next year. My camera ran out of batteries right at the end. I will have to add a group shot when I get copies of pictures from Kris.