Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dads second surgery

Several weeks ago my dad started having seizures. After a trip to the ER, and an MRI it was determined that Dads tumor was coming back. After talking to his doctors it was decided that surgery was the best option for prolonging his life. So on September 3rd, Dad went in for his second major brain surgery in three months. I was able to go up and spend time with both my parents in the hospital after the surgery. I love to be with them. I am continually amazed at how well they deal with this this very hard experience. Dads surgery went great. They were able to remove the tumor without doing more damage to his brain. I am so grateful for the skill and care that my dad has received from the doctors and nurses. I have been so impressed with the acts of service I have seen rendered on my parents behalf. It is good to see others being kind, and loving their fellow beings. Dads brain cancer has been a hard experience for our family to go through. But we have all felt the Lords spirit comfort us and buoy us up. I think it helps us not to be angry. We have seen the goodness in people. We have been more open with expressing our love. I consider these blessings, and am grateful for them. I love these pictures of me with my Dad. He has always been one of my hero's and I love him so much.

Dad showing his team spirit. BYU played their first football game while he was in the hospital.
The hospital didn't have the station that the game was on. Dave rigged it so Dad could watch the game on his I-phone. It was really small. But at least we knew what was going on.

Best Dad in the world!

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