Monday, November 22, 2010

A few funny things about Brooke

1. In Brookes class at school there are two Brookes. So instead of calling her Brooke R, everyone calls her Brookie. and they spell her name that way too.
2. Brooke is dyeing to get her ears pierced. She tells me she is the only one in her class that doesn't have pierced ears and she is being bullied because of it! Yea right! We made Riley wait till she was 10 to get hers done, and three more years is sounding like a very long time for Brooke. Shae is too chicken to get hers done, but Brooke has convinced her (and trying to convince me) that they will go together. Brooke will go first and then tell Shae how it is. Keep in mind that this is a service being rendered by Brooke. She totally cracks me up. She is now trying to convince me that eight is a good age, and brings up the topic almost daily. Trouble is I'm fairly sympathetic to her plight. I remember wanting to have my ears pierced SO bad. Brooke loves to wear jewelry and flowers in her hair. She really likes to look nice. I'm not sure I can hold out. I guess we will see how persistent little Brooke can be!

Paper earrings. She is getting pretty desperate!
I think my favorite feature on Brookes face is her eyes. They just sparkle.
Such a good kid!