Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This picture was supposed to be at the end, but I accidentally deleted it and had to re-download. This is our group heading out to go trick or treating. We had such a great evening!
Halloween weekend was great! My parents were in town and we started off with the kids Halloween parade at school.

This is the Fairy Brooke being shy for the camera as she walked past. After the parade we got to listen to Brook and all the other 2nd graders sing super fun Halloween songs. She did great!

Ethan wanted to be the Grim Reaper this year. He has a mask but couldn't wear it at school, so we painted his face totally black. It was really itchy but looked pretty scary!

I think the red eye is a nice effect in this next pic.

Fairy Shae wouldn't look at us for a picture when she walked by. But she was still pretty cute.

Me and Dad waiting for Brooks Halloween concert to start. Pyper was being a pill and wouldn't look up.

Friday night we carved pumpkins. We had so much fun. We like to carve awesome patterns into our pumpkins. This years were really good. It was nice to have Mom and Dad there to help. Mom toasted us some pumpkin seeds. They were super scurmulous!

Shae took these next pictures of us carving. That is why she isn't in any of them. Her and Grandma were the first ones done carving their pumpkin.

All done. Right after this picture Shae and Brooke got in a fight, they must have been sitting too close, and were sent to bed bawling. It was pretty funny. I remember things like that happening quite often when I was a kid. But all in all we had a great evening. And hey the pumpkins turned out great!

Saturday evening we got ready to go trick or treating.

Ethan could see pretty well through his mesh mask. That is until it got dark. I think he looks pretty dang scary!

Four beautiful fairies!

The girls are all wearing old dance costumes. All we had to do was buy wings this year. I think they look great. I have to admit I kinda wanted to be a fairy too. What girl wouldn't want to wear wings?

We sure had a great weekend. It was so fun having Grandma and Grandpa here with us. Thanks so much for coming!

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  1. Everyone looks awesome. Your pumpkins are great too, you guys really go all out. I can't believe how tall Riley is. All your kids are getting so big.