Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hero Hunt award

Shae was chosen to get the Hero Hunt award for her class at school. The focus this month was obviously Love. Mrs. Bateman, Shae's teacher, wrote such nice things about how Shae shows love to her classmates and how she inspires them to show love to her and others. I was very proud of her. I will post exactly what her teacher said when she gets her certificate next month. It was very special and well written. I am often told how happy teachers are to have Shae in their classroom. She brings a special spirit, and influences others for good. We are so proud of Shae, and so grateful that she belongs to our family. Shae's picture and certificate will be displayed in the halls at school. As a reward for being chosen she got two bobcat bucks to spend at the country store! That will buy a lot of candy! She is super excited!

1 comment:

  1. How fun for our Shae to get that award! No one deserves it more than our Shae! I too am so glad she is part of our family! I sure love you Shae Shae! Grandma P.