Monday, February 21, 2011

New pictures for the wall.

I decided that we needed more current pictures on my picture wall. So I started looking back at the pictures we have taken over the last year, and took some new ones on a Sunday afternoon when the kids hair looked good. I love to decorate with pictures of my kids and family. These are some of the pictures I took recently, and some of my favorites from the year.

I love this picture of Riley. It was taken at Nana's cabin in Alpine Arizona. She was sitting on the porch before we left for church. Riley actually doesn't like this picture. She thinks its too dramatic.
This picture of Brooke and Aaron was one I took just a little while ago. Brooke has so many cute pictures but none that would work for the wall. Its funny and a little frustrating to pose Brooke. She does much better when you catch her by surprise. I probably took at least 20 pictures of her on this Sunday trying to get one that she looks natural in.

I really like this one but the color was way off when I blew it up and changed it to Sepia. I just love Brooks smile and laugh.

This is the one I ended up using for my wall. It looks quite cute when it is cropped down to just her head in the frame opening.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Pyper. I took this one early on in the year (2010) when I was trying to get pictures for my blog. Pyper has lots of good pictures. I love her bright eyes.

This is one of my favorites of Shae. I took this at the beginning of 2010 also. I like the wind blowing her hair, and she looks happy adn content.

I couldn't decide which picture to use of Shae. This one is a bit more current and shows her new bangs and braces. But I really liked them both. Actually both of them are up on the wall right now because the one of Aaron and I didn't turn out. Don't think that the other kids didn't notice that she had more representation. I assured them that it wasn't permanent and that we were just going to pick one. Problem is I still haven't decided which one I like the best. If any of you would like to express your opinion I would love to hear it.

This is a fairly recent picture of Ethan. He isn't too hard to take a picture of, and this is the one I used on my wall.
I took this picture on the same day. I was trying to get a picture of Ethan and Mya, but Mandy wanted to play. I love Ethan's laugh.


  1. Darling kids! Good job Amy! We sure had a wonderful time visiting you last week. Thanks for always making us feel welcome. We sure love you all.

  2. I like all the pictures, I like the one of Shae on the swing because you can see her face better, but they are both adorable. I'm impressed with your photography skills!!