Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just Too Funny

These are just a few cute pictures or funny things my kids have done or said lately. Today during General Conference my hair was done and redone several times by either Brooke, Shae, or Pyper. It felt fabulous! I love to have my hair played with. And Brooke learned how to braid!

A few weeks ago we had a family movie night. Brooke made a chair for herself in my laundry basket and fell asleep. She looks pretty comfy doesn't she!

Any time Pyper doesn't want to do something, or is mad about something, she says while wailing, "THIS IS SO BORING!" I think its so funny when kids use phrases out of context.

This is what our little girls were doing when we left for choir practice last Sunday. Doesn't it look so fun. I kinda wanted to join them.

Today during conference as a man was finishing up his talk, Pyper joined in with his "amen" then in the silence after she added "a runi" We all started laughing and then she says while laughing with us, "I always say amen-a-runi" We can thank my mother for that word. It was so dang funny!

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  1. Pretty hair!!! I love that picture of Brooke asleep in the basket.