Sunday, April 3, 2011

Little League Baseball

Ethan is doing little league baseball this year. His team is the Indians Aaron is the coach. This is our first experience with little league and it is pretty intense They have two games a week plus a practice. But they are having a great time. Last Monday was the first game. Ethan is one of the teams pitchers. He did really good. He struck out a couple guys, walked several, but really did a great job for his first time. I love his face in this first picture, so focused. He had just thrown the ball. These next four pictures are a sequence of one pitch. Enlarge #3 I love the crazy, intense look on his face.

I sure love going to watch my kids in what ever they are doing. Ethan is a good athlete, and so much fun. I am so glad I got my boy. My life would not be nearly as fun without him.

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