Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easter Weekend - Day 1

For Easter Weekend we went camping with Grandma and Grandpa Pete, Tom, Kris and their three boys, and Nate Shelly and their two cute kids. We stayed at the campground in Zions. We had such a great time, and I took lots of pictures. This first one was taken the Thursday before we left. Tom and Kris came down a day early to ride their bikes, and we watched their boys. I love this one of Riley and Tyson. We met the rest of the gang Friday morning at the campground.

This was the first time my kids had met little Lydia. They were all really excited to hold her.

Grandpa was especially excited to go camping since he didn't get to last summer at all. I love this picture of him and Tyson.

Little miss Purple. Brooke's shirt matched her chair perfectly.

Brooke has quite the handful with Owen. My kids love to hold and play with their little younger cousins. Well in the case of Owen not so little.

I love Pypers smile. We dyed Easter eggs at the camp ground. The kids thought it was great. I loved having the mess outside.

Ethan and Cooper trying to decide what color to do next.

Brooke and Noah

Riley and her pink egg.

Nate and Owen

The whole gang.

I love this picture of Tyson. He was so mad because Owen was sitting in his stroller.

Shae and her beautiful blue egg.

You can tell that Pyper really got into the dying. She was as colorful as the eggs by the time she was done.

This was Tysons special green egg.

What a handsome guy my man is!

Owen loved the licorice. It was hilarious to watch him eat it. I should say inhale it.

These four were the die-hard egg dyers. They stayed till the bitter end, and dyed every egg.

We took a walk over to the visitor center. The kids are totally engrossed in a movie.

Riley giving Coop a piggy back.

Ethan taking his turn with Baby Lydia.

We had a great first day. I love spending time with family. There really is nothing better than being with people you love.

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