Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easter Weekend - Day 2

On Day two of our trip we did several of the beautiful hikes in Zions Park. We took these next few pictures just before we got started. It is worth enlarging some of these pictures to see the kids faces. They are so funny.

Grandma and Grandpa with all the kids minus Lydia.

The whole gang, plus one random stranger.

The first hike we did was Emerald Pools. Shae was my hiking buddy on this one.

Pit stop on a big rock.

These next few are taken at the top of Emerald Pools.

The kids were the first to get to the top of the weeping wall. It is quite a steep climb.

Riley in front of a spectacular view. There is not place like Zions. It is so beautiful!

Grandpa coming up the trail to Weeping Rock. I think we all were a little misty eyed. It was so great to have my Dad able to hike with us again. Camping and hiking have always been some of our favorite things to do as a Peterson Family. I think Zions Park is one of my Dads favorite places on the earth. I'm so glad we were able be here with him again.

Riley, Me, and Shae

The Randall Family plus Lydia. I think Aaron was really enjoying Lydia. He carried her all day!

Looking up at the water coming off the rocks.

After Weeping Rock we hiked to the bottom of the Narrows to have lunch. I love this picture of my Parents. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Grandpa is the Man!

Heading back down the canyon on the bus after a great day.

What a great time we had. I am so grateful we live so close to Zions. I always am in Awe of the beauty of that canyon. I never tire of it.

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  1. I love all the pictures. It really was such a fun trip.