Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Summer Pictures

These pictures are really out of order, which totally bugs me, but oh well.  They are documented right!  My sister Emily and her kids came to visit us for a few days this summer.  We had such a fun time with them.  This picture is of the kids all ready for bed, and playing with grandpa's ipod. 

 The next few pics are from the kids swimming lessons this summer.  Unfortunately my camera battery ran out and I wasn't able to get pictures of all the kids.  This is Brooke jumping off the diving board.
 Pyper adjusting her goggles.  She is such a fish.  By the time she was done each day her eyes would be bright red from the chlorine.  The goggles helped.  Her teachers didn't really know what to do with her.  By the end they were just tossing her out and letting her swim back on her own.  She definitely passed the class.
 Shae did awesome this year.  She has gotten a lot more daring and really enjoyed swim lessons.
 Back to Emily's visit.  I love this picture of Miles and Pyper, again playing the ipod
 This picture cracks me up.  Shae was in heaven holding her little (big) cousin. 
 One afternoon we went to the water park.  The cool water felt so good!
 Ethan, Brooke, and Pyper

 I think my girls would have liked to keep Ella Bell.  She is so cute and funny.  She kept us all giggling.
 Pyper, Ethan, Brooke, Miles, and Isaac in the back.  Taking a break from the water to hang on the bars for awhile.
 Riley, Grandma, Shae, Emily, and Ella trying to stay cool but dry.
 Ella decided she was done swimming and was ready for some cloths.
 It took about an hour to fill all these water balloons and about a minute to pop them all .  But it was worth it, the kids had a blast.

Thanks Emily and kids for coming to visit us.  We had such a fun time with you.

Now one more swimming lesson picture.  This is Brooke and Pyper jumping off at the same time.
We sure had a great summer this year!

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