Friday, September 30, 2011

Brooks Birthday The Big 8

This year Brooke turned the Big 8!  She was so excited because she did manage to talk her mom into letting her get her ears pierced for her B-day.  Which by the way wasn't too hard.  The day before her Birthday all the girls and I took Brooke to Claire's at the mall.  This is Brooke anxiously waiting in the piercing chair!

 Ear number one.  She is just a little nervous. 
 Ear number two, and hanging on to the bear a little tighter.  She didn't make one peep!
 On the way out to the car we took a picture in front of this pretty bush.  What cute girls I have!
 Brooke got a new bike, new boots, a cute leather purse, and new scriptures for her birthday.  She was pretty happy!

 A close up of her cute pink flower earrings.
 We had the Sudweeks over that evening for cinnamon rolls to celebrate.
 They gave Brooke a really cute bag and new hat.
All in all Brooke had a pretty great birthday.  A few days later we had a friend party .  Brooke wanted to have a spa day.  We did the girls hair, make-up, and nails.  Then they each chose a fun tutu skirt and we took pictures.  I currently can't find the pictures I took.  I'm wondering if I didn't have the memory card in or something because they are not to be found.  Oh well, hopefully they will turn up and I can add them later.  Brooke is such a good girl, and adds so much to our family.  She always has a sparkle in her eye, and a smile on her face.  We love you Brooke!  Happy Birthday! 

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