Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

This year for girls camp I got to be a leader and we went to Rockin R Ranch.  We had such a great time.  It was really fun to go to camp with Riley.
This picture was taken in the great room of the lodge.  We were getting ready to listen to orientation.

 Sadie, MaKayla, and Riley messing around before campfire, and testimony meeting.
 Gathered around the fire.
 Learning to shoot the bow and arrows.

 The girls playing in the canoes at the pond.

 Rodeo time!  The girls were able to sign up to barrel race, or ride a cow.  Riley and I opted out.  
 MaKayla and Riley
 Candice and I, we were the camp directors this year!
 Bishop Fry lasted about one second on his cow.  Good effort though. 
 Only one girl was brave enough to ride the calf.  She did awesome!
 There were newborn puppies on the ranch.  They were up for grabs but thankfully weren't old enough to leave their mother.  Riley was with them every free second she had.  They really were very cute!

 Learning some line dances.  Notice I'm the only one out there. 
We sure had a  great time.  I'm excited to go next year with Riley and Shae!

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