Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lake Powell 2

We spent quite a bit of each day swimming in the water near the boat.  It was so fun to spend time with each other, and everyone got along so well.
Brooke in the water.  It was pretty cold at first but we got used to it quickly.
 Ethan and Jarrett were never apart!
 Riley Kinzie and Madi enjoying the water. 
 Pyper hanging onto the back of the boat.
 Brooke, Emma, Shae, and Pyper taking a break to play Go Fish.
 Aaron getting ready to jump off the balcony of the house boat.
 Aaron entering the water trying for the biggest splash.  This move is called the flying squirrel.

 Amy, Karen, RaNae, and Abby, out for a float and solving all the problems of the world.
 The little girls throwing rocks into the water.
 The kids taking a movie break.

 Cassidy, Riley, Kinzie, and Lynette trying to steer clear of Tyler, who is a bit of a tease.
 Pyper and Kinzie.
 Pyper taking off on Moms float.

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