Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lake Powell 3

This is the last batch of pictures from Lake Powell.  As can be seen from the smiling faces in all the pictures we had a wonderful time.  The kids are begging to go back, and I have to admit Aaron and I wouldn't mind it either.  It really couldn't have gone better.  The weather was perfect.  The house boat was so nice, and we had such a wonderful time with the Randall side of the family.  There really is nothing better than spending time with those you love.
I love this picture of Aaron and the girls
 Aaron getting the soap out of his suit after he took a "bath" in the Lake.  He does still have a speedo on for those of you who are worried. 
 Riley towing in a tube full of girls.
 Cassidy reading a book to Shae.  Shae of course was in heaven.
 We had a crazy violent wind storm come up really quick one evening.  It was a bit scary.  We were worried that the anchors would not hold.  The men and big boys piled rocks on the four anchors, and then stood on them.  All the women and small children were on the boat trying to keep things from blowing away.  Later we realized that had the anchors really gone, there wasn't anyone left on the boat who knew how to drive it!  Thank heavens,  we didn't have a problem.  But it was pretty exciting for about an hour.
 Aaron stressing about what to do with the anchors.

 Every night one of Aarons brothers gave a devotional.  It was nice to get everyone together.  It really brought a nice spirit in before bedtime. 
 Brooke snuggling with Uncle Jason.
 Cliff Jumping.
 Jarrett, Amy, and Ethan trying to decide if they really do want to do this.
 Proof that I did jump.  Riley was manning the camera and missed me in the air.  But I wanted it documented!
 Uncle Jason trying to talk Ethan into jumping.  He was really close but decided against it.  I was proud of him for sticking to his guns.  It was a really long jump.

 Tyler jumping off another cliff.
 Captain Aaron driving us back to Wahweap Marina after 5 perfect days in the sun.
 I had to put these last two pictures in because I thought they were so funny.  Brooke was entertaining herself with my camera on the drive back home.  She got some beauties didn't she?!

Thanks Randalls for such a great trip.  We all hope we can do it again soon!

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  1. what fun pictures!! it looks like you had so much fun. I'm Impressed that you planned and put it all together.