Sunday, October 16, 2011

Poor Pyper!

September 10 was a bad day for Pyper.  All the kids were out playing on the swing set  when suddenly Ethan came running in yelling that Pyper was "hurt bad."  Aaron and I ran out.  Sure enough, Brooke was helping her in, both were bawling, and Pyper had blood all over her face.  It looked like a bad horror flick.  We cleaned her up, and debated whether or not to take her in for stitches.  We decided we better,and I took her to instacare.  She ended up with six stitches, and a very scratched up face.  Turns out Pyper had been laying across two swings.  She had her feet over one and her upper body over the other.  Then she asked Ethan to give her a underdog.  He gave her a really good one, her upper body fell off, and she landed right on her face.  During the whole ordeal of cleaning her up she kept crying, "I cant do this anymore, I wish I was someone else!"  It was pretty sad, and a little dramatic.  She looked pretty bad for a few days, but I was surprised how fast she healed.  She was worried about going to church because she said she didn't look pretty anymore.  We assured her she is always beautiful.  

Isn't this the saddest picture you have ever seen?  Both of these pictures were taken after we got back from instacare.

 You can see her stitches on the top of her forehead.


  1. Her eyes are still so beautiful! Even with her scraped up face! Poor Pyper!

  2. she is awesome. those are pretty sad eyes

  3. Those are quite the pictures. Poor little Pyper! She'll have a good story to tell the rest of her life :)