Sunday, May 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was really neat because it was on Sunday and we got to go to church.  Our plan was to get up and see what Santa brought us, get ready, go to church and then open the rest of our presents when we got home.  It worked great!  It was so nice to be reminded of the real reason for Christmas at church, and it was fun to spread out the festivities.   Here are the kids Christmas morning.  They all slept in the girls room together.  

 Waiting in the hall for Dad to turn on the Christmas lights, and check to make sure Santa came.
 Riley got cloths and boots from Santa!  She was pretty excited.
 Brooke got Harmika mannequins.  You design outfits on the mannequins.  Shae got a easy bake oven!
 Pyper got a new bike!  She was super excited!  Ethan got a new ipod touch.  He was thrilled.  I'm not sure how he got away without a picture?
We all put our Jammie's back on after church.  Here are the girls eating lunch on Pypers new tea set.
 The rest of us eating lunch at the real table.
 Ethan trying out Brooke mannequins.  Not sure how I feel about that :)
 Grandma and Shae playing with puzzles.
 Back to the mannequins
 Pyper got some fun Disney puzzles that she and I are working on.
 Getting ready to eat our Christmas feast!

What a wonderful Christmas we had.  It was so nice to go to church, and so great to have Grandma and Grandpa Pete here with us.  It was a really special Christmas!

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