Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shae's 12th Birthday

Our Little Shae Shae turned 12 this January.  I really cant believe she is that old!  She got some fun things for her birthday.  Here she is still in her jammies but willing to pose with all her loot.  She was excited about,new clip on earrings, a pink backpack, a barbie movie, Haramuika Mannequins, and a coloring purse.  She also got a cute Denim Jacket and new skirt.  She was really excited.  Shae was really a great sport because she had to have oral surgery on her two front teeth the day before.  We were really proud of the way she handled herself.  We celebrated that night with a trip to Menchies frozen yogurt.
 The next day we had cake.  I love these pictures of Aaron singing!
 Shae getting ready to blow out the candles.
 Happy Birthday Shae!!  We sure love you!

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  1. Good catch up on your cute busy family! I love all the things that the kids are involved in. Busy kids=good kids! Love, mom