Sunday, September 19, 2010

BYU vs. Airforce

It has become a tradition in my family that when BYU goes back to the Air Force Academy to play football. Some of us go. Aaron has been several times with my dad and brothers. I have not been since Aaron and I were first married. This year we had quite a large group go with my Dad to the game. He graduated from the Air Force Academy and this was one of the things on his bucket list. We had an awesome time. We were able to attend a fireside given by Bronco Mendenhall and his wife to the LDS cadets in the chapel on base. It was really good. We got to meet Bronco after. Ethan thought that was way cool! My sister in law Jodi arranged for us to have a tour of the Academy. It was so fun to see where my Dad went to school. He was able to tell us some fun stories. Ethan is thinking he would like to attend the Air Force Academy when he is older. I really hope he does. I love the values, and work ethic that is taught at that school. BYU laid a total egg at the game but we didn't care too much. It was awesome to see the cadets out on the field, the jets flying over, and just the overall patriotic feel that you only get at the Academy. I am so glad that I got to go this year, and that Riley and Ethan were able to go with us. It was a great experience for them to have with their grandpa.

My Dad was just six days out from having his second major brain surgery. So we pushed him around in a wheel chair so he wouldn't get too worn out. Ethan thought it was fun to push him.

At the start of our tour we ran into the Air Force falcon doing a photo op. They let us take some pictures with them.

The whole group.
The chapel on base. A very beautiful building. This was where we attended the fireside with Bronco Mendenhall.

The boys looking at a one of the jets. The cadet that flew this became an ace because he shot down six enemy planes. See the stars on the side of the jet.
I took pictures of the quotes on the walls. This is the Air Force motto.

Riley, Grandpa, and Ethan in front of another jet.

More words to live by.

Grandpa and the kids posing in front of the graduation Shields. My Dad graduated in 1971.

All the cadets and the band out on the field before the game.

The fly over. So Awesome!!!!!!

Huge flag at half time. They spotlighted hero's throughout the game in commemoration of 9/11.
Dad still smiling after I knocked him on the head trying to orchestrate taking a picture.

Our family with Mom and Dad.

Riley and Ethan, both conflicted kids. Riley is wearing a BYU shirt and Air Force sweat pants. Ethan has on a Falcon hat with his Y jersey. Oh well they are both great schools. I would be a proud mom either way.
Matt and Aaron at the game. What a couple of cheese nuts. Matt is actually a Utes fan. Notice how he has converted. I think he has finally seen the light. Go Cougars!!!!!


  1. What a great post Amy! I love all your pictures! That was such a great experience for all of us wasn't it! Love ya